April 14, 2015
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National College Health Survey for Undergraduate Students

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The Adelphi Health Services Center and Student Counseling Center are conducting the National College Health Survey to all undergraduates from April 14–April 29, 2015

The information obtained through the survey will allow the University and the Division of Student Affairs to improve health promotion and programming for all of the Adelphi campuses. 

Please participate in this opportunity to expand services to all students through your voice. 

All participants will be entered into a random raffle for forty $25 gift cards! 

We need your support, your input is extremely important to us!

How to Access the Survey

In the Message Center of your eCampus account click on the heading that says National College Health Survey 2015. There you’ll find the link to the survey. The survey takes approximately 20-30 minutes. We can’t make change if we don’t know what you want or need!

Tagged: Student Counseling Center, Health Services Center
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