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Nursing Clinical Requirements

Know the clinical clearance requirements for nursing students.

All students enrolled in Adelphi’s Nursing programs who will be attending a clinical rotation must meet the following requirements prior to that clinical. June 1st for Fall Clinical, December 1st for Spring Clinical and May 1st for Summer Clinical.

Please act as early as possible to meet your requirements due to some of you may need vaccinations and further blood work for the clearance. The College of Nursing and Public Health has detailed information regarding your requirements. Please visit Moodle for current and precise information related to your clinical site.

General Medical Requirements:  All medical paperwork must be submitted directly to the Health Services Center in Waldo Hall.  You may also fax this paperwork to 516.877.6008.  Please be sure your student ID number is included on any paperwork you submit.

  1. Blood work showing immunity to the following diseases:  Measles, Mumps, Rubella (German Measles), Varicella (Chicken pox), and Hepatitis B.  The lab test required for each of these is called an IgG (these are titers that show you are immune to these diseases). If your titer is negative (does not show immunity) you may be required to be re-vaccinated and may need to be re-tested approximately 4 weeks later to show the immunity. 

    We must receive a copy of the actual blood tests; we cannot accept a statement from the provider that you are immune. 

  2. Tetanus/Diphtheria – Every 10 years you are required to have a booster vaccination.  The Health Services Center recommends that you receive the new tetanus booster that includes the vaccination to Pertussis (whooping cough) if you have not received it previously. This vaccine is known as Tdap.
  3. Annual Health History and PhysicalHealth History Form (PDF)
    Nursing students enrolled in clinical must re-submit the Part C of the Health Clearance form annually.
  4. Annual TB (Tuberculosis) Test – This is a skin test performed at the health care provider’s office; it may be referred to as mantoux or PPD. If you choose to have the mantoux test, you must demonstrate 2 negative results within 12 months of the start of your clinical. There are new laboratory tests to rule out tuberculosis called the TB-Spot and the Quantiferon; your health care provider will determine which test is appropriate for you. Your health care provider will determine which test is appropriate for you.  A positive result from any of the TB tests will require a Chest xray be performed.  Students with previous positive results must update their chest xray every 5 years  or as otherwise required by the clinical site, please check your College of Nursing and Public Health guide.

         5.   5.  Proof of Annual Influenza Vaccine – All nursing students are required to be vaccinated for the flu vaccine.  If you are allergic please speak with the school of nursing regarding documentation of proof and requirements for clinical attendance.  Students are encouraged to utilize this form for documentation of their vaccine.   

Once the Health Center receives your information it may take up to 72 hours to process.  Please allow yourself enough time prior to clinical.  You can check the status of your paperwork in CLASS by clicking on the Nursing Health Clearance link on the left-hand side of the page. 

The Health Service Center can assist you with vaccines, TB test and blood work.  Call 516.877.6000 for pricing information. If you need a physical exam you can call the school’s collaborating physician, Dr. Kevin Curley, at 516.663.2051. They accept many forms of insurance and may be able to work with you if you are paying out of pocket.

Please be sure to make a copy of all paperwork prior to handing items in. Copy machines are available in the Swirbul Library.

Please note this is a brief summary provided for your convenience. All nursing students must follow the guidelines provided within Moodle for clinical clearance. 

Revised 6/23/15


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