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Coronavirus Updates on Operations: Department or campus operations may be modified during this time. Please call or email the department for more information or visit

Health Services Center


Coronavirus Threat Assessment Team (TAT)

Leads: Dr. Sentwali Bakari and Gene Palma

Green = Documentation and Protocol for Group: take meeting notes, represent group at TAT meetings, send all information to communications group

Orange = Faculty Senate representatives

* = Part of the Core TAT Team

Academics Including Study Abroad

Lead: Steve Everett

Cara Terzulli
*Chris Storm
*Carol Ann Boyle
Raymond Galinski
Susan Briziarelli

*Jim McGowan
Wendy Badala
Registrar (TBD)
Senate Academic Affairs


University Operations Including Transportation

Lead: *Jim Perrino

Laura Kern
Jennifer Blazevich
*Gene Palma
Mike McGuinness
*Bob Hughes
Laura Ludlam
Cindy Donnelly

*Jane Fisher
Robert DeCarlo
*Fred Hicks
Bob Shipley
Darlene Darmiento
Jim McGowan


Residential, Dining, Health, Athletics

Lead: *Sentwali Bakari

*Joe DeGearo
*Nicole Guadino
Wendy Badala
Ling Chen
Guy Seneque
Alain Lanz

Chotsani West
*Carol Lucas
*KC Rondello
*Danny McCabe
Kenzie Keyes
Senate Student Affairs


Staging Including Sheltering

Lead: *Sentwali Bakari, *Jacqueline LaMon

*Nicole Guadino
Todd Wilson

*Gene Palma

*Bob Hughes
Ray Hughes
David Williams


Communications Including phone banks
From: All TAT Groups, To: Community, Documentation: Meeting Notes, Protocol, Policy Decisions

Lead: *Kristen Capezza, Maggie Yoon Grafer, *Jacqueline LaMon

*Diane Moser
Kate McDowell

Todd Wilson
Wendy Goldstein

Chotsani West
Vincent Wang
Maggie Yoon Grafer
*Ellen Caravella


Admissions and Financial Aid

Lead: *Kristen Capezza

*Kristen Capezza
Stephanie Espina
Wendy Badala
Samantha Prudente
Jackie Mandart
Jackie Russo Morley
Sheryl Mihopulos

Lisa Kandell
Crystal Krudis
Tracy Nilsen
Michael Myers
Dorey Veron
Senate Admissions


Government and Community Relations

Lead: Maggie Yoon Grafer

Maggie Yoon Grafer
Nicole Guadino
Raymond Galinski
Michael Trunzo

Trish Mantay
*Gene Palma
*Bob Hughes


University Governance

Lead: President Riordan

Mary Aldridge
Ron Lee
Martha Tassiello

Gina Debold
Cullen & Dykman

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