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Travel Medical Clearance

The Adelphi Health Services Center provides the medical clearances for all students traveling abroad. A nurse practitioner will review your assessment forms, and perform an exam and any required immunizations. There is no fee for the consultation; if immunizations are required there will be a charge. Insurance companies do not generally reimburse for immunizations for travel. You will be provided with a receipt and you can request reimbursement on your own through your insurance company. Payment must be made in the form of check or cash; we are unable to accept credit cards at this time.

For detailed travel information and health updates related to your location of travel please view the following websites:

Please call 516.877.6000 to schedule your health clearance. It must be at least six weeks prior to your departure date. We do not recommend waiting until the last minute for this appointment. Often you may be required or recommended to have immunizations and you need time prior to travel to have them effectively protect you.

Prior to your appointment please complete the Travel Health Assessment Form (PDF 87KB).

You can also view our Insect Bites and Protection Recommendations (PDF 245KB).

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