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Health Services Center


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Welcome, Panther Families!

The Health Services Staff hope to create an easy transition for you and your student to enter into college in regards to their health and well-being. We hope that the information on this page will assist in summarizing the important issues that need to be addressed:

The Health Center is a place that provides convenient health care and education about well-being; we are not like a high school nurses office.  We are a medical office providing typical medical coverage. We expect the students to schedule appointments by calling 516.877.6000. We expect students to be at least 10 minutes early to complete necessary paperwork. Students need to understand that even if their appointment is scheduled for 1:00 pm they may not be taken into a room at 1:00 pm. We do not overbook but occasionally emergencies occur and there are delays.  Students should try to schedule appointments away from class times. We do not provide excuse notes for class. We are governed by HIPAA, this means we cannot discuss why a student was seen at the office, why they were given a prescription or why you got a lab bill. You must discuss these things with your student.

  1. New Incoming Students:  All degree-seeking students taking more than 6 credits are required to meet the New York State Department of Health Post-Secondary immunization requirements. This includes immunizations for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. We are also required to provide information regarding meningitis B and either you (if the student is under 18 years old) or your student must sign the information sheet that they have received the shot, or are declining it. Detailed information about immunizations can be found here MMR Requirements and for meningitis. Forms for your health care provider to complete can be found at health forms
    •  Students are required to have paperwork submitted prior to the first day of classes. Please note that they will be receiving emails from Health Services from the date of deposit until they are compliant, if they are still receiving emails then they are not compliant. Thus, if they are still receiving emails and you sent the forms in, there is a problem, so please call us so we can assist you 516.877.6000. Students who do not meet the requirements will lose access to the online platform Moodle and will not be able to see assignments or submit work until they are compliant.
    • All documentation must be completed by a licensed medical provider (MD, DO, NP or PA) signed and stamped with the provider stamp or including their state license number.
  2. Residence Hall and International Students are automatically enrolled in the school health plan. If you carry private insurance that is Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant you may request a waiver from the school’s plan by completing a waiver request online.  For the fall waiver period, the site opens July 1 and closes October 1; and then re-opens January 1st and closes March 1st for NEW entering spring students. When completing the waiver request, please be sure to use an email address that will be monitored. The plan administrators will email you with information regarding waiver denial or approval. Failure to comply with further information requests do not constitute a waiver completion. Please keep copies of all communication with the plan administrators. Please provide your student with a copy of their insurance and pharmacy benefit cards!
  3. Students who need insurance. If your student needs health insurance, they may purchase the school plan as long as they are registered for at least one credit. The process is done online and billing goes to the student account. Details regarding the plan and this process can be found here.  
  4. The Health Services Center is located in Waldo Hall on the south side of the Garden City campus. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the regular fall and spring semesters. We are closed during the week of Christmas and will re-open after New Years to a modified schedule until the spring semester starts.  For detailed hours please see here.
  5. Students must have their Adelphi ID to be seen at the Health Center. There are Nurse Practitioners on duty Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm based on availability. There is no charge to be seen in the Health Center.
  6. Lab Work: If lab work is done, you will receive a standard bill from the lab for any fees not covered by your insurance. The laboratory we use is Northwell Labs. If you have a specific lab that you are restricted to by your insurance company, please ensure that the student is aware of this as we will not be able to collect lab work from them and will have to send them to an outside service center.  All students for whom we provide lab work must sign a release that they are aware of this billing process in order to have the lab work done at our site. We do not control the fees set by the lab. They are a third party entity and follow standard billing for each test ordered.  If you have any questions about laboratory bills you must contact the billing department at Northwell Labs at 516.719.1100.
  7. For radiology, students are sent to a local center or to an area near their home residence, whichever is more convenient for them. 
  8. A local pharmacy, Mineola Surgical, and Supply (Franwin) provide delivery at no charge to the campus.  Prescriptions are delivered Monday through Friday at 6:00 pm during the regular academic year and by 4:00 pm during session breaks. All prescriptions are delivered directly to the health center and must be picked up by the student with photo id within 72 hours. The pharmacy will process all medication orders through the student’s health insurance.  The student will then sign for any additional co-pay charges to be billed to their student account. The billing process may take 2-3 weeks to hit the students account and is expected to be paid in full at that time at the cashier’s office in Levermore Hall, Lower Level. If your insurance is restricted to a particular pharmacy, please be sure the student is aware of this and they share this information with us prior to any prescriptions being sent. Students are responsible for picking up medication at an outside pharmacy. Outside physicians and medical providers can electronically send prescriptions to our pharmacy and indicate on the prescription to “Deliver to Adelphi.”  This allows your student to continue medications from their private providers and not have to leave campus to pick them up. The pharmacy phone number is 516.746.4720. A credit or debit card can be set up with the pharmacy directly for any prescriptions to avoid the student having to sign for co-pays when picking up prescriptions at our office.
  9. Student-athletes:  All new incoming athletes must have a physical by an outside provider within 6 months of their first practice at the university. This is an NCAA regulation. If the physical is prior to that, regardless of insurance coverage, the athlete must have another physical.  They are also required to schedule an appointment over the summer to see the Nurse Practitioner to review this physical and their medical history. Every year after that they will be evaluated by the Nurse Practitioner in Health Services regarding current health status, any injury that may have occurred or other situations that may affect their play. Any student who has had a concussion, significant injury or surgery will require a medical letter of clearance from the treating provider prior to being cleared to return to play with the next assessment.  The athletic trainers and coaches will send out emails to the athletes beginning in February of every year as to when they are due for their new clearances.
  10. Medical Considerations for Residence Hall Living: We like to recommend a few things be brought to campus for your student’s convenience and comfort. 

    • Thermometer
    • Tylenol or Advil
    • Cough Drops
    • Salt Water Nasal Spray for congestion
    • Wash Clothes
    • Antihistamine if they have seasonal allergies
    • Inhalers if they have asthma (even if haven’t used in a while!)
    • Pill dispenser or safe for pill storage in their room (several types exist online through Amazon and other companies).
    • Small refrigerator if their medications need refrigeration.
  11. Medical Emergency Response System: Students who become injured or are extremely ill and cannot walk to the health center can call 516.877.3511 to alert public safety who will pick up the RN or EMT on duty and bring to the scene. The medical staff will assess the student on site and determine if an ambulance is needed. This response system is known as calling an AIDED.  AIDEDs are for emergencies only, they are not because someone has a sore throat and fever and does not want to get up and walk to the health center. Unnecessary disruption of the health center by unwarranted AIDED calls delays visits and treatment to students within the health center. We ask for everyone’s cooperation with this and hope to continue the service as long as we are able to provide adequate care within the center.

For further information, please contact:

Health Services Center
Waldo Hall
p – 516.877.6000
f – 516.877.6008
e –

Member of American College Health Association (ACHA)

Member of American College Health Association (ACHA)

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